Monday, January 12, 2009

Feeling better about shopping...

I think I'm finally getting over my crazy shopaholic spending spree.  A few weeks ago I saw a really awesome purse at Banana Republic.  Now at my worst I probably would have just bought it.  (It was $170!)  Instead, I decided to wait until Christmas because I knew I was going to get some Banana Republic gift cards.  (I got $125 in gift cards.)  At other times I know I would have just bought it and paid the rest, but instead I still waited.  Today I got a $20 rewards certificate and I found a 20% coupon.  So I decided to go for it and buy the bag today.  After everything, it cost me 76 cents!

The thing is, I'm already feeling differently than I usually do when I order stuff online.  It doesn't feel dirty (okay, maybe that is a bit of a hyperbole) like it usually does.  Sometimes I feel like I shop in a trance, without really caring about what I am buying.  It is all bought on impulse and by the time it comes, I don't even care anymore.  I could not even begin to describe the amount of clothes that I have with tags on them or that never even fit.  I also have tons of accessories that I've never worn.

Now, I'm still excited.  I can't wait to get my purse.  I've never *wanted* something for so long without just buying it.  Honestly waiting and making sure it is something that I really want is SO MUCH BETTER than buying random things on a whim.

PLUS, I will be getting 3% cash back via Ebates!

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Fabulously Broke said...

I felt that way when I bought my shuffle. Before, I would've bought it without even noticing the $90~ price tag

Now, I love the thing, and adore it even more than if I just bought it on impulse without lusting after it for so long

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