Friday, January 23, 2009


So it looks like I will finally get my car back tomorrow!  I'm nervous and I hope that everything looks okay, but that most of all, that whatever happened with my brakes is fixed.  Best of all, it seems like I won't even have to pay the $500 deductible!

I will just be so happy when this whole situation in behind us and I can get back on track again.  I saved a lot of money from my paycheck this month since I was fearing the worst, so I will still hopefully be able to pay off the car pretty soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

More car woes...

I received a phone call today from Geico telling me that the damage to my car was greater than they anticipated and that they would be sending out another check.  The whole thing was pretty vague, so I asked my husband to call the repair shop and see what was up and when we would be getting the car back.  He left the room and came back a few minutes later, visably shaken.  Apparently the conversation went something like this:

Husband: I'm calling to check the status of my car.
Repair shop: What car is it?
H: 2004 Nissan Maxima.
RS: The insurance company called and said they are going to come and pick it up.
H: Why are they going to pick it up?
RS: It is a total loss.
H: *confused* What do you mean it is a total loss?  I just got a call from Geico saying that there was more damage but they approved the repair.
RS: Wait - What kind of car?
H: 2004. Nissan Maxima. Silver.
RS: Oh God - I'm sorry - your car is in the shop.  We had another Maxima come in.  We found a problem with the suspension on your car.
H: Okay. Thanks. Bye.

So we still don't really know what the deal with the car is because my husband was too stunned and forgot to ask.  

Also, it is the one monthiversary of my accident.  And it will still be awhile, I suppose, until we get the car back.  My husband is going to call again tomorrow.  Hopefully there won't be any more weird misunderstandings.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Car woes...

I got into a car accident on December 19th, and I still haven't gotten my car back from the repair shop!  This whole situation is really messing up my finances.

I had really hoped to be finished paying off the car by today.  I got paid today, plus I got an extra $750 because I moderate a few activities.  My husband gets paid three times in January.  Instead, I have to hold at least $500 in my checking account to pay my deductible.  (Actually, I'm pretty amazed that I have been able to keep that amount in my checking account for so long since I haven't even been paid since December 23rd.)  That amount doesn't even include the cause of the accident: the fact that my brakes stopped working.  So I know that I am going to have to either replace the brakes or fix them and I still have no idea how much that will cost because I still don't even know what is wrong with them.  I haven't made any car payments since the accident, because I don't know what is going to happen with the car.

I just wish this whole thing would be settled already and that I could get my car back.  I have been taking the subway to work for the past two weeks, which hasn't been terrible, except for the fact that it has been SO COLD!  

I want to be rid of this car loan in the worst way.  Then we just have my husband's student loans to focus on.

In other news, I'm really excited that Battlestar Galactica is starting again tomorrow.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Feeling better about shopping...

I think I'm finally getting over my crazy shopaholic spending spree.  A few weeks ago I saw a really awesome purse at Banana Republic.  Now at my worst I probably would have just bought it.  (It was $170!)  Instead, I decided to wait until Christmas because I knew I was going to get some Banana Republic gift cards.  (I got $125 in gift cards.)  At other times I know I would have just bought it and paid the rest, but instead I still waited.  Today I got a $20 rewards certificate and I found a 20% coupon.  So I decided to go for it and buy the bag today.  After everything, it cost me 76 cents!

The thing is, I'm already feeling differently than I usually do when I order stuff online.  It doesn't feel dirty (okay, maybe that is a bit of a hyperbole) like it usually does.  Sometimes I feel like I shop in a trance, without really caring about what I am buying.  It is all bought on impulse and by the time it comes, I don't even care anymore.  I could not even begin to describe the amount of clothes that I have with tags on them or that never even fit.  I also have tons of accessories that I've never worn.

Now, I'm still excited.  I can't wait to get my purse.  I've never *wanted* something for so long without just buying it.  Honestly waiting and making sure it is something that I really want is SO MUCH BETTER than buying random things on a whim.

PLUS, I will be getting 3% cash back via Ebates!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I know I just mentioned Swagbucks last week, but it is seriously so awesome.  I just earned another $5 Amazon gift card.  Thanks everyone who signed up from my link.  I hope you are having fun too! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am a financial disaster

I am currently watching Suze Orman on Oprah, and I am feeling more and more stressed about financial matters.  2008 was basically a disaster financially.  We were able to save a good amount of money after our wedding, but then that was all gone when we were forced to find a new apartment.  $4500 from savings gone in a minute paying double rent in August, a broker's fee, and the security deposit for the new place.  Best of all (ha!) this $4500 was all due to my uncle kicking us out of the apartment we were renting from him because 1. our television made...HEAT...and messed up the heat for the house (yes he is nuts) and 2. he wanted our parking spot for his new $80k Corvette.  Yes.  I am really feeling bitter about this.

Around the same time I had decided that we really needed to work on paying down our car loan, which was around 15k at the time.  So before we were kicked out, we moved A LOT of money from savings to paying the car.

Thus, we are left with not much, and this is the first time in my life where my savings have been so depleted.  I haven't even been able to move any money to our savings accounts in months because I just really want to get rid of this car loan.

And with all this stress, I am been shopping like a lunatic.  It seems like boxes are being delivered everyday and I just feel embarassed about it.  I pay my credit card balance in full every month, so that isn't an issue, but still, this is all money I could be saving.

I NEED to get my spending in check in 2009.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

CVS 1/4-1/10

So yesterday I started feeling very anxious about the amount of stuff that I have accumulated from CVS.  It went from feeling comfortable - knowing that I had the things that I needed and I was saving money - to feeling like I am drowning in stuff.  I have given a lot of stuff away, but I just keep getting more and more because I just love the deals.  

So I am trying to quit CVS for awhile.  I went to the store last night, determined to just spend my remaining ECBs (really only about $18) on whatever I wanted and just be finished with it so I could take a break.  But lo and behold, I ended up earning more ECBs without even trying.  So I'm down to 4 ECBs and I'm just going to do this on a really small scale.

So I will be buying the Garnier shampoo that is on sale this week.  It cost $2.99 and I have a $1 coupon.  I'll pay with 2 ECBs and keep them rolling for another day.

Yes, I realize I sound like an addict.  :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


When I checked my Swagbucks account this morning, I discovered that I could redeem my points for another $5 Amazon giftcard.  Sweet!  
You only need 45 points for the $5 giftcard, and you can typically earn between 1-5 points a day just by searching the internet.  Basically I log on once a day, search for a few things, and earn some points.  Best of all is that they have a referral program so you can match the earnings of your friends.  So I went to bed with 40 points and woke up this morning with 45.
It's definitely a legit site, and it's fun to earn gift cards for doing something that I would be doing anyway.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A story of sadness and redemption

I had ordered a few things for my husband for Christmas from Express.  There was a sale and coupons, so I just couldn't pass it up.  So I called him over (because I'm really terrible at surprises) and he picked out a few work shirts and a tie.  He actually was really excited about the tie.  So anyway, I had never ordered from Express online before, and this order was kind of weird from the beginning.

Granted, I hadn't been paying very close attention, but the order got split into different shipments and after a few weeks I had just assumed everything must have been there.  For some reason I didn't bother opening the packages until a few days before Christmas when I had to wrap them.  (Yes, I wrapped the presents even though he knew what was in them.)

So anyway, I open up the packages and there was no tie.  I checked my email confirmations and I realize that it had never shipped and this was almost a month after I ordered.

I called Express and asked about my order.  "Oh, the tie was back ordered."  I asked if I would be receiving it.  "No.  We don't do that."

So I hang up and I'm feeling kind of annoyed about the whole situation.  They had no intention of shipping the item and they didn't even tell me.

So I told my husband and he was bummed.  We had even seen the tie in the store the week before, and he really loved it.  I wanted to go out and check the store, but alas, I had no car since I had gotten into accident and it was in the shop.  We went into Manhattan the next day and went over to check for the tie.  Initially it seemed like they didn't have it and I was feeling majorly guilty.  But he got on the floor and started checking behind everything and he eventually found the last tie.  Victory!

So anyway, tie crisis averted.  That afternoon I checked my email and I see the cancellation notice from Express.  I was still feeling kind of annoyed because I think that my calling and saying I never got a notice, prompted the notice.

The next day I randomly got a survey invitation to evaluate my experience with Express and I explained the whole situation.

Then today I received a $25 Express gift certificate in the mail with a letter apologizing for the inconvenience.  It was dated from the day that I made the phone call.

So anyway, kind of random, but cool that they sent the gift card.  I definitely had not been expecting anything.

I just wish I knew why they sent the gift card.  Whether it is just what they do, or if my call or survey prompted them to send it.