Thursday, July 10, 2008

What this blog is all about...

Starting this blog is my attempt to keep myself accountable on my journey towards financial freedom.  I have become obsessed with reading blogs about personal finances and saving money, but I've noticed that many of them are located in areas where living frugally is a much more viable option. 
My husband and I live in Queens, New York.  We are just starting the process of buying a co-op apartment.  While doing research about buying homes, it was basically reducing me to tears that our apartment costs so much more than houses in other areas.  Unfortunately, we were basically backed into a corner with the decision to go forward with purchasing the apartment.  We have to leave the apartment we are currently in - a one bedroom for $1275 a month.  We definitely needed something bigger, so finding a two bedroom in an area that would have been good for both of us would have brought us to at least $1500 a month.  Keep in mind that rent would increase by at least $100 every year that we decided to stay there.  Additionally, I would most likely also have to pay for a parking spot for my car, adding another $75 a month.  After weighing all of the options, we realized that buying an apartment would make the most sense for us in the long run.

Thus, I bring you this blog.  Welcome to our journey.

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

oooo, i'm your first comment. saw you at MSM. i love the name of your blog, very catchy, and thus, brought me over to check it out! good luck with your new mission!